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Hana Language Centre is a foreign language centre located in Bandung, established in June 2014. We originally offered 3 languages as our speciality: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. But as we see that many Japanese, Korean, and Chinese people are currently living in Bandung, we open English and Indonesian Language Course Service for their needs to be able to communicate better in this country.

What differs us from other institutions is our mentoring system. Our teachers are prepared not only to teach their mastered language, but also the culture of the country where their mastered language is from. We also provide professional teachers, certified both nationally and internationally, who have passion and years of teaching experience. A well-designed teacher training system ensures the quality of our teaching is maintained. In order to strengthen and enhance our standards, feedback from our students is taken once each course is completed. About Curriculum, we only use international standard curriculum, to make students easily continue to study language abroad. Read more…

Chinese Course


With well more than a billion speakers around the world, Chinese language, also known as Mandarin, is the most widely spoken language on earth. Read more…

Japanese Course

Japan is a prosperous country and has the most diverse economy in Asia. Being able to communicate with potential customers in their own language is key to winning their business. Read more…


Korean Course


With so many languages to choose from, you may be wondering why you should learn Korean. Here are 6 best reasons why Korean may be the right choice for you. Read more…

English Course

Open for register! Contact us for more information.

Indonesian Course

Open for register! Contact us for more information.

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